Keen to take where you wanna go

Autonomous Ride
Hailing Platform

Ride-hailing sector is expected to grow to $285 billion
by 2030, now is the time to embrace the change

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Keen to take where you wanna go

Autonomous Ride
Hailing Platform

Ride-hailing sector is expected to grow to $285 billion
by 2030, now is the time to embrace the change

Read the Whitepaper
How Keen Works

Keen is unique from ride-hailing services
that you use right now


Nobody controls Keen,
it takes care of itself

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Keen will be available
everywhere you are

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Real-time ride hailing app!

If you are expecting to do something real complicated to use Keen platform, sorry to disappoint.

Tap on your preferred ride option to see estimated arrival time. Then enter your drop off and pick up location.

Your ride comes to you and you'll see vehicle details and driver's contact information.

Pay your driver in cash or pay using Keen Tokens. Hop out and rate your driver.

Quick and intuitive ride hailing View your rides history Build your fleet Payments and tipping Customize your app experience

Distinct characteristics that give you even more control!

Keen is an open-source project. Source codes will be released to public under MIT license.

Everything built by us as part of this project belongs to the community and will be kept open source. This includes Keen mobile apps and KeenNet.

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Keen takes care of itself.

Keen mobile app will interact with KeenNet, a fork of Ethereum blockchain running as a dedicated network. It will be optimized for Keen ecosystem to steer clear of inherent drawbacks in ethereum mainnet.

Since there is no central authority involved, there is no single point of failure. Everything is processed through smart contracts and becomes a part of the blockchain.

Worldly bounds can't stop Keen.

Keen will be a global platform available to everyone who wishes to use it irrespective of their geographical location.

Mobile apps will be developed to be compatible with maximum number of Android and iOS devices with backward compatibility for all OS versions that have even just 1% or more usage share. This means that all versions starting from Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and iOS 9 will be supported by the app.

Keen is cheaper, economically speaking.

Ride hailing corporations want to keep a significant commission from the trip fare for themselves. This commission is taken from the normal fares and an even higher commission is recovered from surge fares. Surge fares should be applied in case of a higher demand for rides, but off-course the corporations do not provide any means to determine the authenticity of such surcharges.

Nobody runs Keen, so nobody takes any commissions from the fare and the entire fare paid by the rider goes to the driver. Drivers can choose to set their own fair rates to attract the highest number of rides and build their own customer base.

Community on-boards new drivers.

Unlike traditional ride-hailing services that are competing against each other to take on-board as many drivers as possible, Keen relies on its community of riders to decide which new drivers are worthy of being part of the network and which ones are not.

Every new driver will be taken on-board provisionally and will give 2 free rides to volunteers. The first volunteer who gets the ride will take a profile picture of the driver through the app at the start of the ride and then provide 1st confirmation at the end of the ride. A second volunteer will take the next ride and will be shown the profile picture of the driver before start of the ride and provide 2nd confirmation at the end of ride to confirm as a permanent driver. In case any of the volunteers choose not to confirm a driver, the process will be repeated from the start. Volunteers will be chosen based on their stake in the platform verified through ownership of Keen Tokens and riders can easily opt-out from taking free on-boarding rides through app settings.

Riders can build their own fleet.

If a rider had a great experience with any of the drivers that was found through Keen then the rider can save them as a favorite and choose to ride with them again any number of times. Keen will choose the driver who is nearest to a rider's location by default but riders can choose to ride with any of their previous drivers whom they find the most dependable.

Commit to Keen and you won't be forgotten.

Keen uses a Proof-of-Loyalty (PoL) algorithm to identify members who have committed the most for Keen's ecosystem based on number of rides given or received, amount and duration of Keen tokens held in their wallets, ratings received for rides taken and how long they have been a part of Keen's community as a driver or a rider. Members will be rewarded in form of Keen tokens, priority in ride selection and free rides.

Built-in wallet for conducing transactions.

Keen mobile apps will have a built-in wallet that can be used to transfer Keen tokens to other members of the Keen ecosystem. This will make it convenient to store Keen Tokens and facilitate circulation of tokens within the community.

App will be released in Q2, 2018.

Keen is currently under development and will be available on Google Play and App Store in Q2, 2018.


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Due to recent regulatory announcements and uncertainties surrounding use of cryptographic tokens in country of origin for this project, we are temporary not accepting any contributions until some clarification and necessary assurances regarding the same have been obtained. We regret any disappointments for the community that is supporting the project.