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Places Where Bitcoin Payments Are Possible

The Bitcoin was launched with an aim to topple fiat currencies and set up a decentralized peer-to-peer mode of payment that could be deployed worldwide. In doing so the blockchain technology came about and the intention was to conduct financial transactions seamlessly online without any involvement of third parties like banks and other financial institutions.

So, the question now arises as to where you can actually make Bitcoin payments. Are there things that you can buy using your earnings from the Bitcoin system? The Bitcoin may not overturn the pound or dollar anytime soon but the fact is that whether you are buying Bitcoin at exchanges or mining Bitcoins using computers, there are several places that you can now go to for making Bitcoin payments. This is not to suggest that you will find a dramatic increase in numbers of stores accepting Bitcoin payments; it will still take a very long time for this trend to become widespread. Time-consuming Bitcoin transactions and price volatility, characteristic of this crypto asset, can slow down mainstream adoption of the Bitcoin.

What can you buy with Bitcoins and which places accept this crypto coin?

If Bitcoin manages to survive and grow, it is likely that many reputed retailer and sites will start accepting Bitcoin payments. Many retailers have started using app like “bitcoin up app“, to make transactions much more easier. As of now, these are some places where Bitcoins will be accepted:

  • As far as travelers are concerned, there are travel companies that have provided for facilities whereby you can now make transactions and pay for your bookings using the Bitcoin. For instance, Expedia, a leading travel-booking website, now accepts Bitcoins for payment of hotel reservations online. CheapAir also allows bookings using the Bitcoin.
  • If you are craving for pizzas and wish to use Bitcoins instead of regular cash, now you can do so at PizzaForCoins in California. All you have to do is place identify the restaurant near your location and place an order; the restaurant in question will then approve of the order once Bitcoin payments come through. In case you are not a US resident, such privileges are also offered by a Germany-based food delivery company that uses BitPay for processing transactions. So, you can either use Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin to pay for your orders.
  • For gaming enthusiasts, Windows Store and Microsoft Xbox lets you buy games and movies using Bitcoins for payment. You simply have to load the Bitcoin onto the Microsoft account; it will work as payment when you check out. The only downside is that you will not be allowed to refund the Bitcoin once you have deposited an amount into that account. This means that you need to be careful about the amount you are depositing. For smaller buys Coin Mall, Zynga and Bit Plaza may be more useful as these allow you to buy redeemable gift cards ad games using Bitcoin as payment.
  • For online shoppers there are plenty of options as many retailers have added payment in crypto coins as one of their acceptable payment options. For instance, Etsy, a leading ecommerce platform lets sellers put Bitcoin as heir payment method when getting money from buyers. Blockonomi integrated Bitcoin payments into their website to help buyers.  Bit refill allows you to buy leading food chain vouchers in the US like Burger King, Dunkin Donuts etc by using the Bitcoin. Bit Plaza and Gyft allows shoppers to buy accessories, gift cards, and even groceries using Bitcoins.